Meet The Team

Liz Midkiff

Owner and founder of STOLEN ANGELS, INC. Started this company to raise awareness about Human Trafficking and to be able to give people practical ways to talk about the issue and have speaking points around the subject.  With 23 years of sewing and fashion design experience under her belt Liz knew at the age of 6 she was going to start a clothing line, but it wasnt until she was 15 that she chose to dedicate it to fighting a higher purpose.  Read full story


After getting feedback from her customers and supporters she found their was a huge need for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles etc to know how to keep our kids safe?!  Being a new mom Liz felt this deep calling to speak to our younger generation and to educate parents and care takers on Human Trafficking and how we can fight it.  Liz is excited to get out there and connect with other moms and care takers about these issues.  In Liz 's spare time she enjoys cooking, and watching movies with the family.      



Roger Midkiff

Husband of owner Liz Midkiff, attends events and festivals with Liz.  Roger loves being able to support his wife in this initiative to protect and give survivors a better life.  When he first met Liz he learned of Human Trafficking and the lasting results is has on the victims and their friends and family.  He has since attended conferences and events to further educate himself on the subject and is an extremely active advocate in his personal life. His protective instinct goes far beyond his own  family and onto the lives of others.  In Roger's spare time he enjoys working on cars and heading to his favorite pizza shop.  We are so blessed to have Roger on our team. 


Roger & Liz Midkiff


Moses Midkiff

Moses is the newest member of the STOLEN ANGELS team and was a turning point for the company.  Our number one question last year was "how can I protect my kids?" And now that the owner and husband of this company has a newborn this thought is even higher on their to do list.